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  1. Only English should be spoken by the students and staff while they are in the school premises.
  2. The school works from Monday to Saturday and holidays will be decided by the school authorities.
  3. Morning Assembly is held at 9.20 A.M and all students and staff are expected to attend the assembly without fail.
  4. School uniform as prescribed is a must for students and staff.
  5. Strict silence is to be observed during prayer time and while going to the class after assembly.
  6. All classes begin by 9.30 A.M and end by 4.00 P.M.
  7. Regularity in attendance is a must for students and absence should be explained by the parents in written.
  8. Absence beyond a week due to illness must be compensated by a medical certificate.
  9. Irregular attendance, disobedience, indisciplinate activities, indecent behavior in and out will lead to suspension and even to dismissal from school.
  10. Free morning and evening tuition will be provided in the school for weak students and they are expected to attend the same without fail.
  11. Causing damage to the school property will be viewed seriously and the parents concerned will have to pay the cost of repair or replacement.
  12. Students should keep the class rooms neat and tidy and waste paper should be put in the waste bins kept in each class and students are strictly forbidden from scribbling on the walls of the building, black boards and on the screens.
  13. Scholars are strictly advised to keep their books neat and tidy and the worn out and torn out wrappers should be replaced then and there.
  14. No student is allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  15. Pupils are strictly prohibited from giving presents to the school staff at any time.
  16. Students should be regular in doing their home works and getting through with day to day lessons.
  17. Students are strictly prohibited from wearing costly ornaments while they are at school and the school authorities are not at all responsible for the loss of the same.
  18. Students are strictly forbidden from wearing colour dress on school functions.
  19. Pupils should stand aside and should not brush pass elders and teachers.
  20. Students should realised that student community is the backbone of any nation and students of today are the future rulers and the importance of discipline in the formative period of boys and girls is a must for the progress of our country.