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Sree Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kulasekharam offers the following subjects ( 1) English (2) Tamil (3) Malayalam (4) Hindi (5) Mathematics (6) Science subjects (a) physics (b) Chemistry (c) Botany (d) Zoology (e) Biology (7) Social Studies subjects (a) History (b) Geography (8) Computer Education (9) General knowledge (10) Moral Instruction etc. The working hours of the school is 9am to 4pm except on approved holidays. Class timing is 9.40am to 4pm. Assembly at 9.10am, General Instructions to the students 9.20am to 9.40am. Intervals 11am to 11.05am and 2.20pm to 2.30pm. Lunch Break 12.25pm to 1.05pm.

More than 170 dedicated faculty members imparting high quality education to the aspiring student community. The Teacher student ratio is 1.15 in this school. All the 80 class rooms are computerized and digital based. It is indeed a high level learning in Hi-fi Atmosphere.