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  1. Besides academic teaching learning process, the following activities are undertaken seminar, symposium, debates are arranged at regular intervals.

  2. Special classes are organized from 6pm to 8pm for the sake of students.

  3. Science exhibitions are conducted to enhance the creativity skill of the students.

  4. Field trips and study tour programme for refreshing their learning process.

  5. Natural and religious ceremonies such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Pongal, Chrismas, Ramzan, School day, Sports Day, etc are celebrated in flying colours.

  6. Sports and Arts
    Students are provided with high class training in outdoor games such as Kabadi, Football, Volley Ball, Hockey, Cricket, Badminton etc and indoor games such as Carrom, Chess and also sports events such as Running, Long jump, High jump, Shortput, Javellin throw, etc. Arrangements are also made for providing adequate training on swimming and horse riding.

    Students are also given training opportunities in playing music instruments like, Flute, Tapela, Drum, Piano, Violin and also in singing and dancing. Competitions on dance, music, singing are frequently conducted to stimulate and enhance the artistic skills of the students.